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Home Extensions

Deciding to build a home extension is a big decision.  However, if you do decide to build an extension it can transform your home and add that much needed and desired value to your house.

A properly designed and well built extension will provide you with all the additional living space and comfort that your home can provide. There has never been a better time to consider investing in an extension to your property, as well as the additional space, living room, potential for games rooms, cinema rooms or light and airy sun rooms due to the current application process for extensions having been amended.

Under new regulations that came into effect on 1 October 2008 an extension or addition to your house is considered to be permitted development, not requiring an application for planning permission, subject to certain limits and conditions.

The addition of a room will not only maximise the enjoyment of your house for you and your family by providing extra room for growing families or by providing such improvements to allow home working or recreation but will also unlock your homes hidden potential and may dramatically increase its financial value.

For single-storey extensions it will usually be quicker and more straightforward to develop than a double storey extension, it is usually easier to create access from your existing home to a one-storey extension, and any problems that occur throughout the build tend to be cheaper to fix. It also means that the upstairs will be less affected by dirt and disruption.

For double-storey extensions you will gain more room and it may be cheaper than you might expect, as there is less work involved in creating a second level than the ground floor.

Alternatively, you might think about creating a single-storey extension with the option to add an extra storey at a later date. If you sell with permission to build a second storey the value of your property may be vastly increased. It’s important that the extension to the property remains balanced upstairs and down, particularly if you intend to sell. If your extension means that you have only two bedrooms, but three reception rooms downstairs, it could be harder to sell.

Leslie J Thorpe Ltd will always provide you with the options available so you can make an informed decision. Due to the current housing market being at a substantial low compared to previous years many now choose to extend their current property rather that attempting to purchase a larger one.

The extensions which Leslie J Thorpe Ltd can provide are not only functional but are breathtaking additions to your home which feel like an integral part of the property

Once complete many of our customers comment how they simply could not believe the difference this process can have on their home, its value and the improvement to their lifestyle.

Leslie J Thorpe Ltd will deliver the highest quality extension project work, can deliver on additional floor insertion projects or fully integrated rear extensions, conservatories or conversions.

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