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Insulation & Efficiency

Many homes in the UK have been built using traditional, strong and long lasting methods and skills. The downside to this is that years ago when these homes were being erected the requirements for home insulation were not as high as they are today.

Leslie J Thorpe Ltd recognise this and can help you and, with the assistance of specialist professionals can redesign your home or office to increase the energy efficiency of your building saving both heating costs and the environment.

We can insulate the existing building walls internally, externally and within the cavities if present. This can be applied in the roof, under the roof, within the floor and under the floor.

There are natural and modern insulators, from sheep wools to glass, and from foam to newspaper, in panel or powder, foam or ball installation. The selection is endless.

Heating can be supplied from Solar, PV, ground source or more traditional energy supplies

We can help with the mechanical and electrical services within your home from a simple rewire to a completed reschedule of your building to control from your ‘iPhone’. The possibilities for what you would like to do are only limited by budget.

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