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Office Refurbishment

Leslie J Thorpe Ltd have carried out extensive amounts of office refurbishment from the relative comfort of rural surroundings, to the extreme access and regulations of central London. Always to the total satisfaction of our clients.

There are many aspects to the office environment often overlooked from the choice of furniture, lighting and colour scheme as well as ambient sounds and smells.  We can help with the correct specialists in this field.

Productivity can be improved with the correct choices as well as hindered with the wrong. The ancillary areas of an office refurbishment can be almost as important as the primary concerns, messing and bath room facilities, storage and presentation areas are just as likely to have an effect on your productivity and attraction to your own clients.

We can keep these in mind when helping with the design and install of your new offices.

Often keeping a project simple and maintaining clarity are as important as being striking and bold. We can help to tailor the final designs to your overall requirements for image and design. We have access to some excellent designers and architects with whom we have worked closely on many projects.

Specialist advice should be sought especially with the following choices:

  • The environmental impact of the works and the project
  • Colours and emotions
  • Comfort and productivity
  • Lighting schemes
  • Sound effects, absorption and sound proofing
  • Building management post project installation
  • Undoing the building and alteration works at the life expired end of the project or further alteration

We work closely with specialists in all these fields and can assist you in the right choices with them all.

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